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  • NECK PAIN Chronic & Acute, Whiplash, Subluxation, Disk Herniation, Reverse Curvature, Pain from Scoliosis, Motor Vehicle Accident.

  • LOW BACK PAIN Acute & Chronic, SI Joint Dysfunction, Sacral Pain, Tailbone Pain, Bulging Discs, Lordosis, Pain from Scoliosis, Motor Vehicle Accident.
  • SCIATICA Acute & Chronic, Right-Sided, Left-Sided, Buttock Pain, Tailbone Pain, Sacral Pain, Wrapping Pain.

  • HEADACHES & MIGRAINES Chronic & Acute, Tension, Cluster, Sinus, Stress Induced, Daily Headaches, Migraine Headaches with or without auras, with or without nausea, Atypical Migraines, Jaw Pain, TMJ.


  • ANXIETY & DEPRESSION Regain control of your life, decrease medications, improve outlook, improve sleep, ease heart palpitations, deepen the breath, open the chest, support relationshops

  • PREGNANCY SUPPORT Eliminate pain, ease morning sickness, stop heartburn, improve constipation, support gestational diabetes, improve sleep, increase energy, prevent miscarriage, prepare body & baby for labor, stimulate labor.
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT Allow life to move more smoothly, release neck & shoulder tension, ease transitions, soothe digestion, stop headaches & jaw pain, balance & improve mood.

  • DIGESTIVE IMBALANCE Ease acid reflux, heartburn, belching, and GERD. Regulate bowel movements (diarrhea & constipation), enhance nutrient absorption, improve detoxification, aid weight loss. Increase energy and boost immunity.
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