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I love Massage Therapy and the rewards of helping people that go along with it. I enjoy working with each client to determine how I might best help them. Massage Therapy can be more than pampering and luxury. It is also about helping injured parts of the body feel better, postural corrections, stress relief and keeping the body healthy!

I believe that a Healthy Body equals a Healthy Mind and that also means that a Healthy Mind equals a Healthy Body. I would love to help you attain both!

I attended The Healing Arts Institute to acquire my formal education in Massage Therapy and am registered in the state of Colorado. I believe that there is so much that alternative healing has to offer, that I will be going to school for a long time in order to continue my education in other healing methods!

My main focus of work is Neuromuscular Therapy (Body Insight at the Healing Arts Institute). I have the client activate the muscle while I work on it in order to reset that muscle to its “normal” length. This has been very effective in helping people get rid of some of their constant nagging aches. I realize that people love to just relax and I believe that my intuitive touch helps them achieve a wonderful balance of healing and relaxation by the time our session is over. Other tools I use are aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Myofascial release, Sports massage, Prenatal massage and Trigger Point therapy.

Prior to attending massage therapy school, I attained my Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Accounting from Colorado State University. I then worked primarily in manufacturing environments until I decided that I needed a change. I felt a calling to become a Massage Therapist and have not one regret for this radical change. I have been running my own mobile massage business.

I have been a member of the Fort Collins community for over thirty years and love giving back to it in the spirit of healing.


When Tami graduated from The Healing Arts Institute, I became, and continue to be, a regular client; my life has been made better from it. Massage therapy has played a significant role in my health over the years, with many different therapists across the country. As such, I say with confidence gained from experience that Tami provides me with more physical relief through her extensive knowledge of musculature and body mechanics. She gives me true healing by way of her conscientious and ethical manner, and her gentle spirit.

Tami always offers her absolute best self when working with her clients. While remaining professional at all times, she uses her heart and soul to offer not only comfort and relief, but quiet peace, a grounded connection to the earth. Her most significant strength lies in knowing what each client needs by both listening to their words and their muscles, always in the most appropriate way. Her training at The Healing Arts Institute, added to her compassionate nature, allows Tami McBride to make the lives of her clients significantly better. ~E.B.

Even when I think my knots, kinks and bubbles are nowhere to be found, (I no doubt have found a way to compensate or put them on ‘ignore’),when Tami gets her kind, caring skilled hands on me, the knots are found and worked out. It is a great feeling! and a much better plan than hiding the issues until they manifest into a monster. But what I really, really like about Tami is this: she has thought about my ailments and condition before she meets with me. She has given thought, insight and research on techniques that may be beneficial to me - I am not just the next number up for that day. If everyone could have a Tami in their life, the world would be a much happier place! "   -J.P.

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