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Fort Collins' First Acupuncture Membership Program

"This membership has given me the results I was looking for at a cost I can budget. Thank you!" ~Sara W.


Achieving Health's membership program is based upon the western medical "Direct Care" model, otherwise known as "Concierge Medicine" or "Membership Healthcare." These programs allow the doctor to focus on their patients and include annual, patient-centric healthcare as well as additional discounts on ancillary services. Designed to be a win-win-win program that includes big savings on a cost effective health plan for the patient, allows the practitioner the ability to treat patients in the most effective manner, and provides a monthly recurring revenue for the business. 


Our memberships are Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture based with additional discounts on herbs and other services. Allotted membership treatment hours may be used for:

  • Initial Case Evaluations

  • Group Acupuncture Treatments

  • Private Acupuncture Treatments

  • Chinese Botanical Medicine Consultations

  • Case Reviews

  • Fire Cupping Therapy


  1. Get started with an Initial Case Evaluation. Choose either 30mins or 60mins depending on how much health history there is to discuss. Keep in mind that Chinese medicine takes into account the entire body and all ailments past & present.

  2. Book an Acupuncture Treatment. This appointment can immediately follow your Initial Case Evaluation or you can schedule it for a different day. 

Morning Coffee


6 hours of Chinese medical care/year

Best for those without health issues who just want to stay healthy and stress free. Also great for those interested in Chinese Botanical Medicine as their main form of treatment.

Only $35 per month


Buddha Statue


24 hours of Chinese medical care/year

This package is designed for those addressing one chronic or complicated health concern/injury and then maintain results throughout the year.

Only $120 per month


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Rocks of Balance


12 hours of Chinese medical care/year

Perfect for addressing an acute injury or for simply staying in balance and healthy all year. Not for those with chronic or complicated health concerns. 

Only $65 per month


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Triumphant Hiker


36 hours of Chinese medical care/year

Treat multiple health issues or one complicated problem. Plus have enough visits to maintain wellness, manage stress, and boost immunity all year long!

Only $165 per month


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wellness program_transparent2.png

Meet your monthly budgetwe will simply charge your credit card monthly. You payment date will be the same day of the month that you start your membership. 

Low Automatic Monthly Payment

Full priced acupuncture sessions are $89 each. Our memberships bring the cost of each session down to only $55-$70!

Acupuncture treatment for as low as $55

A huge perk of your membership includes 10% off full priced Massage Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, and Yoga Therapy with the Achieving Health practitioners. 

10% OFF



Yoga Therapy

All memberships include both Group and Private Acupuncture sessions. Enjoy side-by-side treatments with friends and family!

Group & Private Acupuncture Sesions

Take advantage of our early evening appointments as late as 5pm M-F and every other Saturday too!

Evening & Saturday appointment times

This is a CRAZY discount! We want our members to be able to utilize all recommended remedies without breaking the bank. 

50% OFF Chinese Botanical Internal Medicine

Our team of practitioners work very well together and easily communicate through our shared electronic medical records system. You are in good hands!

Member-Centric &

Team-Based Care

Beginning January 2019 attend members only classes on helpful natural health topics full of tools and tips for staying healthy and happy.

Free Natural Health Classes for Members Only


6 hours of Chinese medical care/year



$70/hour of care


12 hours of Chinese medical care/year



$65/hour of care


24 hours of Chinese medical care/year



$60/hour of care


36 hours of Chinese medical care/year



$55/hour of care

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a membership required?

No, it is not required. You still have the option to pay full price for treatments if desired. Memberships are offered as a limited time opportunity to gain access to more savings with our clinic. Memberships cap at 325 individuals.  


How should I schedule my appointments?

Member may schedule services through our online scheduling system or by telephone, text or email. Priority is given on first-come, first-serve basis, and does not guarantee that Member will receive their first choice of treatment times, dates, or provider.


Do my acupuncture treatments include additional modalities?

Chinese Medicine Whole Body Memberships include, but are not limited to: acupuncture, cupping, guasha, tuina, moxibustion, Chinese botanical medicine consultations, electro-acupuncture, topical liniments, and dietary/lifestyle guidance.


What is Group Acupuncture?

Up to four Members will receive treatment in the same room. This will take place in the larger treatment room in our upstairs suite A203. Appointments will be staggered to begin every 15-minutes. There will be a brief private check-in with the provider in a separate room and then you will be taken into the larger room for treatment. Needles will be retained for approximately 45 minutes. Some additional modalities may be included such as electro-acupuncture, guasha, tuina, or ear seeds. These are a great opportunity to receive acupuncture side-by-side with a friend or family member. Herbal formula adjustments will not take place during these sessions. All providers will be providing group treatments weekly.


Will my acupuncture treatments include both private and group sessions?

Yes, in order for this program to work everyone is expected to receive a blend of private and group sessions. Private one-on-one treatments will be on a first come, first serve basis. Private treatments may include a blend of acupuncture, guasha, tuina, electro-acupuncture, botanical medicine, and/or moxibustion. Group sessions may include a blend of acupuncture, guasha, tuina, and/or electro-acupuncture. Separate Chinese botanical consultations and cupping sessions are also available for use with your package treatment hours.

What are the maximum/minimum hours that I can use per month?

Member may use available membership treatment hours as frequently as he/she wishes. There is no maximum or minimum use per month.

When does my membership expire?

After one year from the date of signing your Whole Body Membership Agreement. This will be sent to committed members once we officially launch this program. Once we email this Agreement, you will be expected to agree to it and submit within 72 hours. ​


Will my package treatment hours roll over into a new package if I don't use them?

No. All membership packages expire after one year from the date your Agreement is signed


Can I renew my membership contract once it has ended?

You can. However, if your membership is not renewed then we cannot guarantee you a membership slot at a later time.

What if I use up all of my treatments hours before the year is over?

Additional Chinese medicine service hours beyond the Maximum Hours of Treatment allowed may be purchased at $70 for sixty-minutes of service and/or $40 per thirty-minutes of service and will be due at the time of service, regardless of membership package selected. You also have the option of booking an hour session in our community treatment room for $40/hour. Your additional befits will continue until your membership officially expires. You may also pay off your membership in full and start a new membership program once you have reached the maximum hours allowed. 

What if I want to switch membership packages?

Members may switch to a membership package that includes MORE treatments than their current membership. Member will owe the difference in price between their current membership and the new membership (at current pricing) for months used. The difference in cost will be due up front and the new rate will be billed monthly for each billing cycle following, until original membership end date. Member cannot select a membership with fewer treatment hours than their original membership package.


How can I avoid paying an additional 3% fee for using my credit card?

We will offer a few additional payment options. You can pay by cash or check if received prior to your payment due date. A credit card must be kept on file and will be charged for the monthly membership dues if alternate payment is not received by the payment due date. 

Do you provide Superbills?

Yes. Your superbill will include all of the codes you need to submit to your health insurance company for possible reimbursement.  The service fee noted will equal the discounted treatment price based on your membership package per treatment rate.


I am a City of Fort Collins or Larimer County Employee. Can I still use my benefits?

Yes. After each treatment you will receive a receipt for services rendered at the discounted per treatment price according to your membership package. You will also receive a receipt after each monthly membership payment. You are welcome to submit these along with the required form completed by your provider.

Can I use my FSA/HSA card to pay for my membership?

Yes you can. We will provide all receipts and documentation of your visits as needed.


Are you accepting new clients?

Yes. For now we are still accepting new patients. Once our membership is maxed we will reevaluate to see how many non-member treatments we can continue to accept. Our New Patient Special includes a 3 step-process: Initial Intake, First Treatment, Second Treatment all for a low price of $199. This process allows patient and provider to see how the patient responds to treatment. During the Report of Findings, we will discuss our diagnosis and treatment plan to help you achieve your health goals.

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