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Barbara Gibson, C-IAYT, MS

As a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) for 6 years and a yoga teacher for 20 years, Barb offers customized yoga therapy practices and techniques to help you achieve optimum wellness and recovery from and management of health conditions.


Some of the conditions and interests Barb focuses on are:


1) Pain

2) Improved Range of Motion, Vitality, and Physical  


3) Chronic Illness

4) Stress Management

5) Depression and Anxiety

6) Sleep Wellness

7) Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

8) Pre and Post-Surgical Care

9) Reconnecting to Your Yoga Practice After Injury or



Barb is a certified yoga therapist recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT) completing her yoga therapy training with the American Viniyoga Institute in 2013 and her 500 and 200-hour yoga teacher trainings in the Viniyoga tradition (2009 and 2007) totaling more than 1000 hours of education and greater than 300 clinical hours. Besides her yoga therapy training, Barb has trained and worked with a multitude of yoga teachers and lineages providing her with the ability to work with many different kinds of clients and the skills to offer appropriate techniques that suit the needs and interests of her clients. She also holds a Masters of Science in Ecology and Molecular Biology and worked in research for 19 years and managed research programs at Colorado State University. She is active in yoga therapy research and consistently participates in continuing education to learn current yoga therapy techniques and applications to offer her clients. 


Barb enjoys working with people in small groups and particularly with individuals where she believes the work becomes the most powerful as clients learn how to help themselves become better able to manage their conditions and empower them to learn more about themselves improving their overall wellness. Yoga techniques such as movement, breath awareness and regulation, meditation, and lifestyle activities can be utilized in therapy sessions dependent upon your condition and interest.


Barb’s yoga therapy practice focuses on the whole person and she is committed to helping others live more functional, meaningful and joyful lives. She uses a diverse set of therapy techniques to achieve optimal wellness and recovery for clients. Her interdisciplinary yoga therapy practice and teaching are grounded in both the therapeutic Viniyoga tradition and her deep understanding of neuro-musculoskeletal well-being from her studies, her work as a teacher of anatomy and physiology for both yoga teachers and healthcare professionals, and her hours working with her clients and students. She works with a diverse group of medical and healthcare professionals to achieve optimum patient wellness and serves as an educator to help healthcare professionals better understand how the principles of yoga can be implemented into their own patient care to improve overall patient health and well-being.


Barb was drawn to yoga therapy because of her own needs following a car accident in 1999 that led to severe neck and shoulder injuries, PTSD, and a traumatic brain injury, and after a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome in 2012 that included severe adrenal exhaustion, chronic pain, metabolic dysfunction, and severe digestive dysfunction. In conjunction with working with healthcare providers, Barb utilized yoga to help her manage and recover from symptoms, and most importantly, to help her learn how to achieve mental and emotional stability and wellness navigating the symptoms of chronic illness and injuries.


Barb has lived in Fort Collins for 23 years and loves being part of the Fort Collins community. You can learn more about Barb at


I greatly appreciated Barbara’s thoughtful and informed decisions when crafting an individualized practice for my needs. She possesses a thorough knowledge of the neuromuscular system and integrated important aspects of yoga principles to assist in my return having yoga being part of each day. These individualized sessions gave me confidence to manage pain and work toward a more full and active lifestyle.


- JMc

Barb is a very knowledgeable, caring, and approachable yoga therapist. I started working with her because of a rotator cuff injury that had been bothering me for about two years. At the time, I couldn’t use my arm overhead very well, which really limited my activities (no overhead throwing, no tennis, couldn’t open garage door…).

My shoulder was healed within a couple of months of therapy with Barb. Also, my posture, overall flexibility, and stress level were greatly improved through the yoga practice that she prescribed. I developed an ongoing routine that I use to keep my body and mind relaxed and feeling good. I’m grateful for the experience; Thanks Barb!


- Brian H.

Barb’s generous and flexible approach to yoga—in all its dimensions—has helped me maintain an active practice despite an increasing and constantly changing set of physical constraints due to autoimmune issues. Her kind and thoughtful manner have helped me stay grounded, and in touch with my core self, in these challenging circumstances. I’m very grateful.


- Deborah Robson

Working with Barb has been a truly transformative, healing, and wonderful experience. Barb is a gifted Yoga Therapist who brings a deep knowledge of yoga (both on and off the mat), extensive training, and a holistic approach to her work that has personally aided me with long-standing physical issues, acute injuries, and stress. Additionally, working with Barb has greatly improved my overall well-being and deepened my self-understanding. Barb is able to craft individualized practices that promote recovery, balance, and serve me in all areas of life. She is truly a joy!


- Allie F.

Barb has made an enormous difference in my life.  I have only worked with her for 5 or 6 sessions before I moved away or I would still be working with her. I do the practice Barb crafted for me every day and most of the time that keeps me pain free.

I have very painful hips

and buttocks that become inflamed when I sit for long period of times.  When I do my yoga therapy practice the pain is greatly reduced.  Barb has also taught me relaxation techniques that I can use anytime which greatly reduce pain and stress.  I would 

recommend Barb to

anyone who needs relief from any painful condition.  


- Laura L.

I have known Barbara for at least five years.  I have taken private yoga and breathing lessons to help me with my movement disorder and anxiety attacks.

I highly recommend her. 

She is well trained, thoughtful, and caring. I trust her completely with my care.

                   - Ginny Kadera

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