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Mark McGovern, LMT, BCTMB, Holistic Health Practitioner

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Mark McGovern is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Board Certified Massage Therapist with The NCBTMB. For over 14 years he has been practicing Massage Therapy or Bodywork as he likes to call it. A majority of his career has been in integrated clinical settings providing specific soft tissue treatments. Besides working in Clinics, Mark has been fortunate enough to be a Wellness coordinator of a large manufacturing company where he created a whole program based around specific massage techniques to help resolve repetitive injuries related to job specific duties which led to eliminating Workers Compensation claims and lowering insurance rates. He has also created a Whole Body Movement Manual for specific Biotech Jobs which helped get employees moving, stretching, and activating specific muscles groups based on the workers positions throughout the day.

My Practice is geared toward helping you break the pain cycle so you can move better, feel better, and live better.  I use the phrase Integrative Bodywork because my sessions are all different and techniques vary based on what’s going on. My style of work is  “Throw the kitchen sink approach” but refined to make sense. There is always a logical approach to treatment and if we look at an injury, restriction, or dysfunction from various views and discuss different ways of therapy than we have a really good start to help you!  

My intention for each Integrative Bodywork session is to listen to You. How do you want to feel after this session? What do you want to have worked on? This is your time.

My vision is to be a part of a community whose purpose is to give it their all to help out the people they are working on. We all have strengths and if we use them intelligently and together than we can help the patient move better and feel better, quicker.


I went to Mark for a new patient initial integrative massage after Lindsay recommended I try massage as another method of treatment for my neck tension/migraines. This included a posture assessment that gave me exercises to do at home to help correct my posture. Mark was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and thorough explaining everything he was doing and answering every question I had.


This was not like any other massage I had gotten before, it was SO much better! He listened so well to target the spots I wanted to work on. He even went over the allotment time because he wanted to keep helping me. He knew the exact spots to target to get the relief I needed, unlike the previous massages I have had walking away relaxed but on the brink of a migraine. I have already purchased more massages for Mark and can’t wait for him to continue to help my pain go away. Couldn’t recommend this massage therapist enough! 

                    - Madison L

After 2 weeks of hectic holiday travel I treated my body to a 90-minute massage with Mark. I’m pretty picky, but his bio looked interesting.


It was one of the best massages I’ve had!


The first portion was spent fully dressed doing some active stretching and mobility, after which we moved to more traditional massage techniques. His knowledge of the body was impressive, and he utilized some techniques that I had not experienced. I left feeling like a whole new person, and bought a pack of massages with him. Can’t wait for my next session!

                    - Nicole B.

I have been to more physical therapists (for a severe running injury) than I can count. Mark, however, outshined them all.


He did better work on me in one session than I would have had in a month at my usual PT.


I have had an on-going running injury for many years that gives me trouble on and off. He thoughtfully listened and took into account what I wanted and was quickly able to figure out so many imbalances taking place that I never even knew of because of this injury. After one session, I had so much more mobility and a much easier time running. For anyone looking to resolve an injury that just won’t go away, I highly recommend seeing Mark. I will definitely be going back soon.


                             -Ashley B.


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